RGN C64 Gamers’ Choice Award 2021


  1. Each voting panel member selects 5 of their favourite nominated games (each selection is worth 1 point)
  2. Each voting panel member selects their most favourite game from their selection (extra point awarded to that game)
  3. Where games get the same amount of points then their rank is determined by the number of times that they are voted as the most favourite. If titles are still tied after this, then RGN uses its discretion to rank the games.

Game Eligibility Period:

A game must have received a general release from 25 December 2020 to 15 December 2021.

Voting Panel:

Alex II Buono Wolter (Gamer), Andrew Fisher (Zzap!64 & SID Musician), Arek/Komek (K&A Plus Magazine), BastichB 64K (Youtube/Podcaster), Christian Dobi (Viper’s RetroGames Videos), Cody Hoffman (Pixel Gaiden podcast), Commodoreblog (Twitter), Darren Borg (Hands on Gaming podcast), David Simmons (Onslaught/Zzap!64), Gabor Harsfalvi (Commodore 64 Gaming News), Joesph Tsai (Gamer), Haplo (C64 Coder), Lasse Oorni/Cadaver (C64 Coder), Louie Dimovski (RGN), Lukasz Bobrecki (Bobr.Games), Oliver Kolarevski (Gamer), Olivier Cappelaere (Commodre 64 Mania), Pavel Monka (K&A Plus Magazine), Richard McManus (Gamer), Robin Hogg (Zzap!64), Roy Widding (Coder/SID Musician).

Soul Force14822
Briley Witch Chronicles14418
Soulless 211213
Night Knight909
Nixy the Glade Sprite628
Galaga C64527
Monstro Giganto707
Bad Moon Rising415
Tiny Quest303
Battle Kingdom303
Don’t Break the Balls303
LeiLei Relay303
Lost Realms of Murkasada303
Ninja Carnage303
Arcade Daze202
Attack of Petscii Robots202
Gates of the Ancient202
Bagman Comes Back101
Ewe Woz Ere DX000

3 thoughts on “RGN C64 Gamers’ Choice Award 2021

  1. This doesn’t make any sense to me. 25 December 2020 to 15 December 2021 is not 2021, it’s not even 52 weeks. With a game of the year, what is wrong with just January 1st to the 31st of December, and then start the voting/awards in January?
    Sonic is clearly the game of 2021.

  2. Well, how a game released tomorrow would be part of the contest? The dates are meant to include games released between the previous and the current award…

  3. We would expect to receive comments about awards being based on a calendar year and that is a valid view for a ‘game of the year’ award but for RGN Awards it has always been from the start of one RGN series season to the end of the series season – which is why we avoid referring it as ‘game of the year’ award.

    But not to worry, Sonic will be in contention for 2022, having the hype removed from the game will allow it to be reflected upon purely based on its gameplay. We saw how for 2020, once all the hype was removed from Super Mario it finished in third place upon everyone reflecting upon the game after many months.

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