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Monstro Giganto (C64)

Game Video Link: Monstro Giganto is the featured game in the April 2021 edition of…

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Battle Kingdom (C64)

Game Video Link:

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Puzzle Bobble Release Delayed

By now, we would have expected the community to have experienced playing the wonderful arcade…

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Freaky Fish DX (C64)

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Eye of the Beholder – Development Update

Andreas Larsson has streamed his latest round of Beta testing on the upcoming C64 port…

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Battle Kingdom readies for pre-order – Showcase video available now

Psytronik Software is pleased to announced that Battle Kingdom for the Commodore 64 will be…

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Attack of PETSCII Robots

Video Link

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Toxic Frenzy (C64)

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Alf Yngve Reveals Side Scroller Platform game using SEUCK.

Alf Yngve has been at the forefront of getting the most out of the Shoot’Em…

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Runn’n’Gunn – Episode 1 (C64)

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Puzzle Bobble C64 Port is nearly finished

Bas Scheijde (aka Acied) has spent a bit of time working on a Commodore 64…

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Reset64 #13 available now

Reset64 magazine is pleased to announce the release of issue number 13 – available as…

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Protovision Suspend Physical Orders

Protovision has announced that it will be suspending physical orders placed through its online shop…

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Release date for Monstro Giganto confirmed

Antonio Savona has confirmed that a release date has been set for his upcoming C64…

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Tiny Quest (C64) Digital Edition – Available Now!

Bitmap Soft and Rebel Bytes of Digital Monastery are pleased to announce that Tiny Quest…

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RGCD Shop Update – Tiny Quest Coming Soon

RGCD, one of the leading current day publishers for the Commodore 64, has updated their…

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Empire Strikes Back – horizon palettes added

The Megastyle team have been busy working on their C64 port of the Atari 2600…

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Runn’n’Gunn Mission 2 – early footage revealed

Fresh from the success of releasing the first episode of Runn’n’Gunn, Carleton Handley has started…

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Phoenixware release Dodgy Rocks (Amiga)

Dodgy Rocks, the fun endless arcade game where you dodge, dash, kick and smash rocks…

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Outrage (C64)

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